Buying to LET

Have you considered buying a property to LET ?

‘Interested in Buying to let?’ As a company we are always interested in ‘New Buy to Let Landlords’

‘Interested in Buying to let ?’ It can be a daunting prospect of finding the ideal property to buy that would suit a tenant and give the best return. At Green Door Lettings we can trawl through the internet with you and find properties that will meet the criteria for an ideal tenancy and give you, as a landlord, the best return for your money.

Many new landlords are worried at the risk aspects of letting but if the correct checks are set in place from the beginning it can be an very profitable asset.

As a company we take the time to explain every aspect of what Letting Property is all about . From how to present your property to enable us to find tenants quickly , how to find the best tenants and how to manage your property to the best of our abilities .

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